For ORAL-B, a leading manufacturer of oral hygiene products, we created a large number of media assets including the TVC, introducing the revolutionary IO™ Series. The content of the appropriate assets should be interchangeable to match any specific target audience. The visionary approach of our production allowed the assets to be used in various formats, providing the same high-end look across all online and offline channels.

To provide long-term flexibility, we shot the different hand models in several conditions while using a toothbrush dummy. We then created photo-realistic 3D models of the various colored toothbrushes to be able to demonstrate all their new features alternately. Every 3D substitute was then precisely tracked to the varying movements of the hand models to achieve a smooth and vibrant presentation of the products.

FLAYR´s ultra-flexible modular media asset creation enables our client to use any desired combination of model (based on gender, skin tone and accessories), hand movement and product color to perfectly address a broad target audience in any given format. The versatility of our master file facilitates the adaption to any conceivable purpose like web banners, social media campaigns or even large format printing ads.