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Better M

As part of their current campaign „Better M“, which focusses on sustainability, Mc Donald’s hired us for the visualization of their packaging roadmap. The task included four loopable clips, showing the metamorphosis of old plastic packagings into better alternatives and the reuse of papercups in the production of children’s books.

Through the initial development of moods and storyboards by our experienced prompt whisperers, the design team conceptualised a very unique transformation style for each of the products.

As a result, the final look and feel was clearly defined at an early stage of the storyboarding process. This led to an extremely smooth and predictable execution workflow.

The final full CG production was a collaboration between our 2D and 3D artists. The stunning animations feature highly detailed slow motion shots of materials decomposing and reassembling. The minimalist staging on monochrome backgrounds emphasises the intention to value our planet’s resources.

As result we proudly present these beautiful crafted animations, pointing on the aesthetic of materials formerly considered as waste. 

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