━  Storyboard, 3D Macro Demos Rendering, Product Placement



With brands like Tempo, Zewa or Tena, Essity is one of the really big players in the field of hygiene and health care. For the femcare division we were responsible for the complete redesign of the product demos for a huge range of brands and markets all over the world.

We started establishing 3D macro demos as a formidable visual concept to illustrate the unique features of the Essity femcare products. Supplemented with real footage parts, icons, beautiful 3D ingredients demos and adaptable packshots they build the framework for all future product launches.

An innovative, versatile kit of components, which allow us to present as different products as tampons, night panties, liners, pads, intimate wash, wipes and lotions in a comprehensive, aesthetic and integrated way across global markets.

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