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For over seven years now, we have had the privilege of supporting one of Germany’s leading toy manufacturers, SCHLEICH, in the creation of content. We regularly produce TVCs for various franchises, ensure that the social media channels are always well-filled and accompany product launches with visual material for all media.

The concept process usually begins with the development an exciting story with a sophisticated combination of CGI and live action, starring new sets of Schleich figures in the form of treatments. At the same time, moodboards and various proposals for style and implementation within the existing budget are created.
In the next step we produce detailed storyboards and an animatic to visualise the narrative dynamics.

The actual production takes place in full CG or in the studio, depending on requirements. This is followed by editing, compositing and colour grading, all done in-house.

As a result of our extensive experience and optimised workflows, we are usually able to meet our customers‘ requirements in an ultra-fast production time.

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